The OnePlus 7T is here and it looks amazing

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OnePlus 7T is the perfect phone and canvas

The OnePlus 7T is the flagship we’ve all been waiting for. It rivals every competitor’s flagship we’ve seen so far and with the affordable price they just might beat out all their competition. You may ask the question: how does one decide to buy a phone and why call it a canvas? Well how about we start with why you should definitely consider the OnePlus 7T a force to be reckoned with.

The OnePlus 7T comes with a circular camera bump on the back, which is where it holds three cameras that work in concert to give you a grand photography experience. With an incredible quality that any traveller or selfie-lover will love this camera comes with near professional accuracy and detail. Despite not being the first phone to come out with the tri-camera design the onePlus 7T camera is on par with the rest in quality and camera modes, and may even be better in certain aspects.

For example: The Samsung camera comes with a few advanced features like face-detection, auto-focus, and more! But the OnePlus 7T comes with an excellent camera sensor and a higher resolution (8000 X 6000 pixels) as opposed to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (4000 X 3000 pixels). These features give either phone an edge in photography the resolution of the OnePlus 7T camera is what puts this camera on the map!

The OnePlus 7T comes with 8 GB Ram and 128 GB internal storage, rivalling some of the best workstations of today. The 90 hertz screen has nearly the same specs as the OnePlus 7 Pro along with enabled HDR10+ which The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ inside it gives it a higher performance over the OnePlus 7 Pro. Advanced internal wiring also makes your OnePlus 7T charge far faster with the same charging technology. So you no longer need despair if you forget to charge your phone. Just plug it in for half an hour while you get ready for work or play, and you should have enough juice to start your day.

All this and more comes packed in a spectacular OnePlus 7T with a glossy finish that comes in two colors: Frosted Silver and Glacier Blue. The problem is that the camera bump and the shiny casing make the phone quite vulnerable to scratches. Not to mention how you and your friends are going to struggle with figuring out whose phone you’re holding in case you get them mixed up. OnePlus 7T skins are a novel way to keep the back scratch free. Our OnePlus 7T skins are made with the finest 3M materials and are guaranteed to turn your factory-fresh OnePlus 7T into a stylish, head-spinning wonder. Skins have the benefit of keeping your back scratch free (we have camera skins too!) while enriching your phone with a premium design and vibrant texture. Turn your OnePlus 7T into a canvas that describes you because that’s what your phone is, an extension of your will.

If you’re someone who simply can’t stand covering up that beautiful sleek phone with a OnePlus 7T case or a OnePlus 7T back cover: There’s a better way to get your phone protected and still keep its sleekness and color. Our invisible 360° OnePlus 7T screen protector will cover your entire phone and keep it from getting any scratches. This self-healing, ultra-tough, precision-cut film is also virtually invisible and holds a position of the world’s most invisible screen protector.

So what we’re saying is:

The OnePlus 7T is a spectacular phone, and if you’re looking for an upgrade or a new phone then the OnePlus 7T is something you should definitely consider.

The camera is amazing but certainly not the best among the current Smartphone flagships, they each excel in certain areas that contribute to taking better photos and video.

Your OnePlus 7T will look amazing until it suddenly doesn’t. Small permanent scratches are difficult to deal with as they’re too small to need a replacement, but too big and stressful to ignore. This is why we recommend OnePlus 7T skins and 360° OnePlus 7T screen protectors to keep your shiny new OnePlus 7T scratch-free.