MacBooks! Pick a color, any color.

GadgetShieldz Admin

Macbooks of color, oh the choices you will make!

We’re sure you came to see if you could find some way to spruce up your Macbook. Or maybe you came here by accident in which case we highly recommend you still stay and read what we’ve written! This is because we love sprucing things up, and while talking about sprucing up your devices, we’re also going to add a little quality to your lives.

So let’s get down to it, you’re here because you realised that owning a Macbook or a Macbook Pro puts you in a very elite group of people. But with only 2-3 (Gray, Silver, and the new Rose Gold) colour variations on the Macbook 13” Pro you’ll quickly realise that your Macbook Pro isn’t as unique as you first thought. And to make things worse, you begin to notice the scratches on the Macbooks around you. Some are small but definitely noticeable, other scratches are so deep and long that you almost can’t bear to look. So now you’re on a mission to make sure your Macbook stays scratch-proof and looks as unique as you feel.

Keep reading! We’re about to tell you how to turn heads and become the talk of the town with a Macbook. The first step is to check out the 13” Macbook Pro skins from Gadgetshieldz. These beautifully textured skins are something to be seen to be believed. We’ll show you some of the really tasteful skins you could get. But to really get a grasp of all the skins you could choose, you need to check out our skin customizer for all the Macbook Air skins you could possibly have.

Macbook pro skins are more than just aesthetic, they’re also incredibly functional. A 13” Macbook skin will keep away any scratches that could ruin that gorgeous gray or rose-gold finish. You’ll also be able to choose the texture you would like to apply to your Macbook which will help with your grip and overall feel under your fingertips.

Whether you’ve got a new Macbook you are looking to spruce up your old one. Getting Macbook skins from Gadgetshieldz means you’re taking a step towards a newer, better you.

So, are you ready to take a look? Click here to get started!