Gadgetshieldz screen and body protectors are film layers that protect your devices' screens, back panels and body frames from scratches and fingerprints. These are custom cut according to devices' dimensions to provide a seamless, optically clear protection without adding bulk. Being only 0.2 mm thick, it gets convenient for you to carry your device freely once applied.

The GadgetShieldz ultra-clear protector is glossy and crystal-clear. It offers unhindered screen clarity and brightness. It is ideal for those who frequently use phones under bright sunlight. The GadgetShieldz matte protector is a low-shine and anti-reflective alternative. You will see a slight reduction in sharpness and darkness levels on the screen, with a slightly grainy effect on lighter backgrounds. It is recommendable if you want to reduce glares and smudges. Both provide the same level of scratch protection.

Case-fit screen protectors are the type of screen protectors curated especially for devices with a phone case. The edges are slightly shorter for our case-fit screen protectors so that it does not clash with the phone case or cover on your device.

GadgetShieldz protectors get nano polymers embedded in them using a proprietary technology that enables the film to self-heal itself from scratches and fingerprints. After all, what good is a screen protector that can't self-defence from scratches?

  • GadgetShieldz protectors cover screen, back panel, and side frames seamlessly and without adding bulk, unlike conventional screen protectors.
  • Generic screen protectors are applicable exclusively on screens. Our screen protectors are so flexible that they can cover even the most complex curves of your device along with the screen.
  • Embedded with nano polymers using proprietary technology, our screen and body protectors can self-repair themselves from scratches and fingerprints.
  • Our protectors contain military-grade TPU, which is exceptionally resilient in preventing scratches from your devices compared to usual screen guards and body protectors.
  • Tempered glass screen protectors are applicable only on flat or moderately curved screens. But, our screen protectors are ultra-flexible to cover even the most complex curves of your device and its screen.
  • Although tempered glass protectors provide better drop protection, they start chipping and cracking from the edges after a few weeks of usage. But, this does not happen with our screen and body protectors as they contain military-grade TPU, which is more rigid and resilient in preventing your device from scratches.
  • Embedded with nano polymers using proprietary technology, Gadgetshieldz screen and body protectors can self-repair scratches which no Tempered Glass protector can do.

Yes, GadgetShieldz protectors can be removed easily from your device. If you wish to remove the protector from your device, start peeling the protector from any corner.

None of our screen protectors leaves any residue when removed.

No, they are not reusable. The protectors may deform and cause a change in shape and size once removed, thus rendering them unusable. They can be peeled off early during the application procedure if the protectors are still wet and have not settled on the device.

GadgetShieldz protectors are customized and cut precisely for your device. Peel the cover off the protectors and apply them using the instructions.

Yes, you can remove it as you would for a device without a body protector.

You most definitely can! Gadgetshieldz protectors are ultra-flexible and precision-engineered, making it easier to apply and stick down firmly over the curves and contours of your device, no matter how complex. This is one of the unique features of GadgetShieldz protectors compared to usual screen protectors, which are applicable only on flat areas of the screen, leaving the edges vulnerable.

Never. Being just 0.2mm thick, GadgetShieldz protectors do not add any bulk to your devices. In fact, the protectors are virtually invisible after application.

Any haziness that forms after installation would disappear within 12-24 hours if you thoroughly follow the instructions and squeeze out the soap solution used during the application procedure.

Before installing the screen protector, remember to clean the screen before application and use the squeegee card after applying the protector. If bubbles are still there, use your finger to press on the bubble for a few seconds.

Gadgetshieldz screen protector is highly touch-sensitive and fully compatible with the functionality of your device.

Yes, being just 0.2mm thick and custom cut, GadgetShieldz will not hinder with the docking functionality.

If we do not have a GadgetShieldz protector for your favourite device, just reach out to us through the Product Request Form. After that, we will let you know if we will make protectors available for your device. Alternatively, you can check our website from time to time for updates in our catalogue with Gadgetshieldz protectors for the latest electronic gadgets. You can also signup for our Newsletters and join our social media channels for the latest product announcements. You can join our social media channels using the following links:


Skinnova skins are thin, adhesive, textured/non-textured and opaque film layers that protect the back and sides of your device from scratches and fingerprints. These skins are made only from authentic 3M materials and are available in many textures. This variety gives you the freedom to customize the look of your phone. Moreover, these are custom cut for the device. Hence, these adhere directly to the device, providing seamless protection without adding bulk. Being only 0.2 mm thick, it gets convenient for you to carry your device freely once applied.

  • Our skins are cut with the most intense precision out there. Our mobile skins line up accurately to every corner of your device to provide the best mix of style and scratch protection that no other skins can provide.
  • Unlike other generic skins, Skinnova skins are made only from authentic 3M materials that will give your phone a premium look and superior protection.
  • Skinnova skins are designed to cover the back panel, including side frames and corners of your devices.
  • Skinnova skins are a lot tougher and more resilient compared to generic skins you find elsewhere in the context of preventing your precious gadgets from scratches.

Flat Back skins are mobile skins designed to cover only the back panel of your phone and not the side frames. Full Back skins are mobile skins manufactured to wrap your phone's back panel and side frames, i.e. the entire exterior body.

The skins can be removed without leaving any residue behind. To remove, just peel off the skin starting from any corner.

Skinnova skins are 100% waterproof. These skins will not get affected even when your device is submerged or exposed to water.

Skinnova skins, when applied to your device, will retain their premium look without fading or discolouring and even when exposed to varying climatic conditions.

Our skins do not affect the wireless charging of phones in any way. It will charge your devices as it does on a wireless charger without any skin.

Skinnova skins will not leave any residue on your devices. Though we highly doubt you will ever remove our skins after applying them on your device.

Skinnova skins are customized and are precisely cut according to the elements and measurements of your device(s).

We keep developing skins for all the latest and most popular mobile devices. If we do not have a skin for your favourite device, just reach out to us through the Product Request Form. After that, we will let you know if we will be making skins available for your device shortly. You can sign up for our Newsletters and join our social media channels for the latest product announcements. You can join our social media channels using the link :


The X.Glas Ultra is made with CORNING glass, and the X.Glas Plus is made with high-strength aluminate glass to give your device's screen the best durability.

The X-Glas Ultra's 3D-polished rounded and bevelled edges allow frictionless swipes and a seamless appearance, while the 2.5D curved edges of X-Glas Plus make constant swiping easier.

The 2X-reinforced edges of X.Glas Ultra prevent chipping over time, while the reinforced edges of X.Glas Plus prevent chipping more effectively than other generic tempered glass.

X.Glas Ultra’s 0.44mm ultra-thin profile provides the highest optical transmittance, which will give an eye-popping screen viewing and gaming experience. The 0.33mm profile of X.Glas Plus ensures the pictures and videos are seen exactly the way they are meant to be.

Both Ultra and Plus offer an Anti-fingerprint Ceramic Coating for a smoother touch with lesser fingerprints and a Nano Silicone Adhesive for faster bubble free application.

X.Glas covers most of your screen glass but leaves enough gap around the screen to be compatible with most cases. Cases which protrude into the screen area of the device might not be compatible with our tempered glass.

X.Glas tempered glass screen protectors would provide protection to your screen but the rest of the device would still stay vulnerable if it is not protected using a case. In fact, we would recommend using a case with tempered glass screen protectors if you would want to prevent the edges of your screen and the tempered glass from chipping and cracking easily.

Warranty is not applicable for chipped or damaged tempered glass. While we stand behind the quality of our products, all glass screen protectors are designed to crack in most situations to protect the impact from reaching your phone.

Tempered glass screen protectors are designed to offer the same experience as your bare unprotected screen but will crack the same way as any glass screen. In absence of a tempered glass, the same impact will reach the original screen glass and might break the screen under most circumstances.

No. The tempered glass comes attached with the tray, designed exclusively for the glass and the compatible model and cannot be purchased or used separately.

If misaligned during installation, the Tempered Glass can still be lifted and repositioned immediately. However, once the glue has adhered to the phone's screen for more than 12 hours, it cannot be reapplied.

Assuming you see dust particles on the adhesive side before application:

  • Hold the glass from the edges and avoid touching the adhesive side with your fingers to prevent more dust and fingerprints.
  • Use the dust sticker to press firmly on the areas where dust is stuck and peel off to remove the dust particles. Repeat this for other dust particles, if any.
  • Once all the dust is removed from the adhesive side, apply the screen protector.

If dust particles are found under the tempered glass after application:

  • Avoid removing the entire screen protector to remove the dust particles after application.
  • Find the edge closest to the dust particle and carefully peel it off. Use the dust sticker to press firmly on the areas where dust is stuck.
  • Stick it back once all the dust is removed.

Our General Tempered Glass Warranty covers any defect that is the result of manufacturing errors, performance or compatibility issues for a period of 30 Days. This does not include application failure, day to day wear and tear and any chipping or breakage during usage.

If your package arrives damaged, let us know within 48 hours and we'll send you a suitable replacement.

To process the warranty, the customer must address their concerns by explaining the nature of the issue by writing to us at support@iblen.com.

The following are mandatory for faster processing of claims at the time of raising an issue:

  • Image of the tempered glass on the device highlighting the issue.
  • Image of the Tempered Glass on the device with the Screen Turned-Off.
  • In case of touch issues, please attach a 10-second or higher duration video detailing the issue.

Please note that you may be asked to provide more details by our customer support executives if the provided images or information is not clear enough to validate the claim.

Yes, it is. Optical fingerprint sensors use light and since our tempered glass have high optical transmittance, the sensors function normally as they should.

No, it will not. The tempered glass's high optical transmittance keeps the front camera pristine and perfect.

It will hide some of them but not all scratches can be hidden due to its high optical transmittance (clarity).

For the kind of money you have to spend on premium smartphones, it is highly recommended to protect your phone's display in order to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Imagine having to pay ₹28,000 for your iPhone 13 Pro Max screen repair.

Yes, it’s recommended to use tempered glass on Gorilla Glass. Though Gorilla Glass is damage-resistant, it can still break at times due to accidental falls with great impact.

X.Glas is made with CORNING and High-aluminate glass which makes it stronger than other tempered glass and more damage-resistant. With the high optical clarity that X.Glas provides, you get the best possible visual experience.

Method 1

Put a microfiber cloth over your thumb and then gently press the bubbles towards the phone's edge. Repeat the same until the bubbles are fully gone.

Method 2

Find the edge closest to the bubble and carefully peel that part. Stick it again and wait for it to settle. Then follow the method 1. Repeat the same around the corners that have bubbles.


We ship through reputed shipping partners like Delhivery, Bluedart, Professional Couriers, and even India Speed Post for orders within India. Depending on your shipping address, the order gets delivered within 5-7 business days. It might take additional working days for a few PIN codes.

The COD option is available for delivery to almost all significant locations within India. You can check whether COD is available by entering your area PIN code on the product page. If COD is unavailable for your PIN code, many other payment options can be used to make payment for your order. Refunds are NOT applicable for orders placed through Cash On Delivery.

We ship to almost all countries worldwide. To learn if we ship to your country, proceed to the checkout page and use the dropdown menu Country under Billing and Shipping address to see if your country is included.

Tracking details are shared with your registered mail ID once shipped. You may use the same to track your order. Alternatively, you can log into your Gadgetshieldz Account and track your order!

You can request changes to your order within 12 hours of order placement only if it has yet to be shipped. Once orders are shipped, we cannot make any changes.

Email us at support@gadgetshieldz.com with your order details and request to change your order if you wish to.

Input the incorrect address at checkout. If your order has yet to ship, please email us the correct shipping address. Sadly, we can't change an address with the courier once the order is shipped.

Important to know: If you input the incorrect address at checkout, we can not be held accountable if the order goes missing, meaning we're not liable to refund/replace this order.

If, for any reason, your order can't be delivered, the courier will return it to us, and you'll receive an automatic refund once the parcel has reached our warehouse. Please note that a shipping and handling fee will be deducted from your refund. You can keep an eye on your tracking information for any updates.

Gadgetshieldz observes all major Indian Holidays, and we do not ship out orders on those days. Monday to Saturday are business days. If you place an order on Saturday, your order will be shipped on Monday.

For orders shipped within India: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number and the shipping partner's name. You can track the packages on the respective websites of the shipping partners using the provided tracking number.

For international orders: A limited tracking facility is available for packages shipped through the Registered Airmail. You can track your package with the tracking number to know the date of shipment and the delivery. With Aramex and SRX, you get an end-to-end tracking facility and signature on delivery.

Tracking is not available for packages shipped through Airmail.

For international orders, most of our products ship in a business-sized envelope with little thickness and lower product value. They tend to pass through customs without any taxes or duties in most countries.

However, certain countries have stricter import regulations, and customs duties/taxes may be applicable in those countries. This is out of our control, and it's entirely to be borne by the order recipient. We will not be responsible for any duties or taxes your local customs control might apply to your order. Refunds cannot be provided even if you refuse to pay the customs duty and discard the package at the destination.

You can cancel your order within 12 hours of placing it, but only if it hasn't been shipped yet. Once your order is on its way, we'll process your refund once we've received the returned package from you.

If you refuse delivery or if your package is returned because you weren't available to receive it, we'll deduct ₹150 from your refund as a restocking fee. For devices like laptops, Macbooks and Playstations (excluding mobiles and earbuds), there will be a deduction of ₹300. This covers the shipping costs we initially paid and the fees charged by our shipping partners for returning the package.


If you are unsure of the product and want to return it to us, email us the reason
for your return. Add necessary images of the product and the package received for verification. Once we confirm your request, return the unused and resalable package. There will be no refunds for packages that are returned without email confirmation.

Please note there will be a charge of ₹100 to be deducted from your refund. This is to cover the initial shipping fee we bear on behalf of the customer.

We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% sure you can install GadgetShieldz products on your device, email us the reasons for your return. Once we confirm your request, return the entire package in an unused and resalable condition for a refund. The packaging and the contents must be kept in the same condition as received. There will be no refunds for packages that are returned without email confirmation. There will also be no refunds for damaged or partially used products.

Please note that there will be a deduction of Rs.100 (US$ 1.99) as a restocking fee from the refunds for each ordered item. Any shipping or handling charges paid will not be part of the refunds. In cases where packages are refused at the time of delivery, an additional charge of Rs.100 will be deducted over and above any restocking fee applicable to your refunds. There will be a deduction of Rs. 300 for devices like laptops, Macbooks, and Playstations (devices apart from mobiles and earbuds). This is to cover the shipping fee, which we initially bear on behalf of the customers as Free, and the return shipping fees our shipping partners charge us for each package. Refunds are NOT applicable for orders placed through Cash On Delivery.

If you wish to exchange an item, email us the reasons and share the images of the product and package to verify. Once we confirm your request, return the product in an unused and resalable form. Please note you will have to pay the reshipping cost for the replacement.

If you have ordered the wrong product and want a replacement, you must return the initial package to us in an unused condition. Please email us the reason for your return and attach the necessary images of the product and the package received for verification. Once we confirm your request, return the entire package. There will only be a replacement for returned packages with email confirmation.

Replacement reshipping will be processed after the collection of the reshipping fee of ₹100, to be borne by the customer. For products like Laptops, MacBooks, and PlayStations (devices apart from mobiles and earbuds), there will be a reshipping fee of ₹200 collected from the customer to resend the correct order.

Unfortunately, refunds are not applicable for Cash on delivery orders due to the customized nature of the product. If you are willing to return the product for a replacement, please pack the order carefully and ship it to us using a reputed courier service with prepaid shipping. The product has to be in an UNUSED and resalable condition. Please note that there will be a reshipping fee of ₹100 for the replacement.

Once we receive your returned package, your refunds will be processed within 1-2 business days. Once the refund has been processed, allow 6-7 business days to reflect in your original payment source. Sometimes, the amount might take around 10-12 business days to reflect in your payment source.


Discount coupons are not applicable on Cash on-delivery orders.

Is your code still valid? Some discount codes have expiry dates, so it's always worth checking where you got the code from to see if it's still valid when trying to check out.

Are you inputting the code correctly? Codes may be case-sensitive, so double-check if your code is UPPERCASE or lowercase.

Is that a '0' or an 'O'? As easy as it sounds, this cannot be easy to spot!

Check your code for the correct use of letters and numbers. If you still need help using a discount code, message us, and one of our agents will do their best to help. Please note we cannot apply a discount to an already placed order.

Any discount codes used with an order will be split evenly between items as a percentage. So when a refund is processed, you will receive the discounted price as a refund.

If your order value is less than Rs.499, a shipping cost will be applied, as we provide free shipping only for orders above Rs. 499.

Free shipping is provided only for Prepaid orders domestically. International orders will still have the shipping cost applied based on your chosen shipping mode.


We're sorry if there's an item missing from your order. Before contacting our Customer Support team, we recommend checking the following:

• Check your shipping confirmation email titled "Your order is on the way."

• The item(s) missing may have been out of stock - it's worth checking your emails (including your junk/spam) to see if we've sent you an email about this.

In the unlikely event that you're missing an item, your order is damaged, or you've received the wrong item/order, please get in touch with us with the following information, and our Customer Support team will get it sorted.

• Your order number
• The name of the item you didn't receive
• A photo and the name of the item you have received (if the wrong item)

FYI - All claims for orders with missing/wrong items must be made within seven days of delivery.

All domestic (within India) and international orders (outside India) take 5-7 business days and 10-25 business days to get delivered.

When an order is shipped to a company or commercial address, delivery agents are prohibited from hand-delivering the packages directly to the consignee or contact person. Check with your courier department/mailroom or security that accepts orders on behalf of your company.

If your order is shipped to a residential colony or apartment, check with your safety or concierge if they have your package.

Also, check your order \ confirmation email to see if your shipping address is accurate. If you notice a mistake, please get in touch with our customer support immediately. It is also suggested that you contact the respective shipping partner to get the exact status of your package.

All international orders take around 10-25 business days to be delivered. If you still need to receive your order after giving it adequate time to arrive, please contact us for assistance.


GadgetShieldz protectors are applied using a wet installation procedure. The film is dipped in a soap solution before application. The solution de-activates the adhesive temporarily so that you can easily slide the GadgetShieldz screen and body protectors on the device for perfect alignment. You can check out how to apply screen and body protector videos created to assist you with installation. We highly recommend you watch these videos before starting the application.

The Installation kit contains a soap solution, an application squeeze card, and a microfiber cloth, all of which are handy for applying the shields.

You can make your installation kit by mixing 1-2 drops of baby shampoo (or mild liquid soap) in a water bowl. Any credit card or similar card can be used as a squeeze card. A clean and soft cloth can be an alternative to a microfiber cloth. You can watch a detailed video of the application procedure for the protectors without the installation kit.

The installation kit is an optional add-on while placing screen & body protector orders. The pricing on the landing page of any screen & device protector is the price without the installation kit. So yes, you can order without the installation kit.

The solution de-activates the adhesive temporarily so that you can easily slide the GadgetShieldz screen and body protectors on the device for perfect alignment. Giving that extra time makes the application simpler than your generic screen protectors.

You can never align the protector using a dry procedure generally used for other regular screen protectors. We strongly recommend you do not try it.

Keeping your device switched off for 6 hours will give enough time for the protector to set itself properly on the device. This would also ensure that the moisture formed while installing evaporates and haziness disappears. Leaving your phone switched off for just 2-3 hours should be fine. However, we suggest being extra careful by letting it sit for 6 hours.

You can check out how to apply Skinnova skins videos created to assist you with installation. We encourage you to watch these videos before applying. It is available for most popular devices. If a video for your device is not available, please watch videos for any similar devices, as the installation procedure is the same for most devices.

A hairdryer is a must to make the skins adhere to contoured surfaces. The hairdryer softens the material and adhesive, making it easier for the skin to wrap around curved corners and sides. This also ensures that the corners of your Skinnova skins stay blended with your device and prevent premature peeling.

Keep the hairdryer in a moderate heat setting. Apply heat using the hairdryer on a corner of the skin for 3-4 seconds with the hairdryer. After that, rub your finger over the skin on that area to adhere it to the surface. Repeat this process for the rest of the corners. Applying the skins on some textured devices might be slightly challenging. Use generous amounts of heat using the hairdryer to apply the skins on such surfaces.

It's possible to do so. Peel the skin immediately if you see any error in alignment without stretching or deforming before you re-align.


To all proud owners of a YouTube channel/ Instagram handle/ blog who would like to review some of our skins and screen protectors on your channel. You are just one step away!

Please fill out the form below, briefly describing how you would wish to review our products.

Drop in your details, and we will contact you shortly. We recommend using only the official email of your channel as the email.

Disclaimer: We DO NOT provide any devices or phones for review. We only offer skins and screen
protectors as review units.


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1. Hit the 'My Account' button. Select the 'Create An Account' link.

2. Fill in the relevant fields and click 'Create Account.'

You can then sign into your account under the My Account section anytime to see your account details, order history, and much more.

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