How to choose the best skin for your iPhone 11 Series

GadgetShieldz Admin

If you’re here then you either have the iPhone 11 already or you’re still considering it. If you’re someone who’s had more than enough of bulky cases or unflattering false “covers” then we gotta say you’re going to find something much better. If you’re here to check out some really cool iPhone 11 skins or iPhone 11 Pro skins, then you’re all set because you’re in the right place

High quality skins like ours look and feel different from the rest. After all, skins made with 3M materials are in a class of their own. Such iPhone 11 skins will enrich your phone’s visual style while the skin’s textured surface keeps your iPhone back safe from scratches. iPhone 11 is already an attractive and luxurious symbol, so imagine what you could achieve if you used a skin with some REAL style like ours? Take a look at some of the classiest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro skins you can find on this side of the internet.

The Wood series:

Technology is cool and all, but there’s something special to be said about the feeling of nature at your fingertips. These iPhone 11 pro wood skins are incredible to look at and will be perfect for someone who enjoys the great outdoors. But of course, who would hide an iPhone 11 skin that looks this good? No, you’re going to hold up your phone with pride because it doesn’t just look like wood, but the skin texture feels like it too. They come in three variations: Ebony wood skin, Zebra wood skin, and Bamboo wood skin. So you’ll be able get the wooden skin that matches the darkness of your soul.

Wood Series
  1. Ebony Wood skin
  2. Zebra Wood Skin
  3. Bamboo Wood Skin

Skins that are set in stone:

While iPhones were once known to be very brick-able, things have changed. Nowadays turning your iPhone into a rock doesn’t just refer to having it freeze on you forever. Instead, you get the option to turn your iPhone 11 into a rock with these iPhone 11 stone skins. These iPhone 11 skins make your phone look and feel like the fanciest pebble you may find in any pond. The rocky texture of the stone skin series also comes in three variations: Concrete, Black Marble, and White Marble. These iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro skins will change your style and even your life, elevating both for the better.

  1. Concrete skin
  2. Black Marble skin
  3. White Marble

It’s time for some camoflaunt!

Would you like a phone that vanishes completely? Or perhaps a phone that speaks of combat? Or maybe you would like a phone that helps through the struggles of life? Well, our iPhone 11 Pro camoflaunt skins aren’t miracle workers, except for the miracle where your iPhone looks even cooler than you thought it would. Camo skins have a tendency to look amazing, and maybe we at Gadgetshieldz went beyond the realm of normal fashion for this skin. You’ll have your pick of either the black camoflaunt skin or the green camoflaunt skin, so choose wisely!

  1. Black camoflaunt
  2. Green camoflaunt

Sandstone is forever

Our sandstone series is one of the most popular. Each one of our sandstone skins come with a texture that feels as real as actual sandstone. These skins are known for their groundbreaking style and anti-slip texture elements. You’ll be able to choose from one of 8 colors. Any iPhone 11 Sandstone skin or iPhone 11 Pro Sandstone skin is stylish enough to turn heads every day.

  1. Sandstone Red
  2. Sandstone Yellow
  3. Sandstone Green
  4. Sandstone Neon
  5. Sandstone Blue
  6. Sandstone Orange
  7. Sandstone Purple
  8. Sandstone Black

Nothing cleaner than Carbon Fiber

With its own unique design and texture, the carbon fiber skin gives your iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro a new age style and feel. If you prefer a more minimalistic look with a uniform pattern and texture then you should definitely go for our Black carbon fiber skin or our White carbon fiber skin.

  1. White carbon fiber
  2. Black carbon fiber

Good Ol’ leather for the iPhone 11

There’s a whole different kind of rush you get from an iPhone 11 Pro skin that has a leather finish. Of course, we aren’t suggesting you put actual animal skins on your phone. No, we’re talking about the next best thing: Our leather skins. Color variations of the leather skin come in Black Leather and White Leather. They would make an exquisite contrast if you wanted a separate iPhone 11 Pro camera skin.

  1. Black leather
  2. White leather

Rugged and uniform skins

If you’re someone who prefers a simpler texture and a more uniform skin then we suggest Black Matrix: A skin whose design is subtle yet eye-catching, sure to make people look twice. For those who prefer a more rugged look and feel, you can choose between our Raptor and Grunge skins.

  1. Black Matrix
  2. Raptor
  3. Grunge

There’s nothing smoother than brushed metal

They’re smoother than velvet and shinier than your average skins. Brushed metal is an amazing fit for an iPhone 11 skin for those who enjoy a more metallic style. Brushed metal comes in four variations: Brushed Copper, Brushed Titanium, Brushed Graphite, and Brushed Gold.

Brushed Metal
  1. Brushed copper
  2. Brushed Titanium
  3. Brushed Graphite
  4. Brushed Gold

Special skins for that special iPhone 11

Your iPhone 11 comes with a very stylish design and finish that deserves something a little extra special. Before you decide on your iPhone 11 wrap or iPhone 11 Pro wrap, there’s something you should see.

Our special edition skins are unique and are easier to show than tell, so here take a look!

  1. Joker
  2. Spider