Cases vs Skins, a complete overview

GadgetShieldz Admin

Whether it is cases or skins, the most obvious point to make about covering up your phone is that your phone needs protection. Imagine walking around with an exposed iPhone 11 only to have your friend borrow it for a second and return it by sliding it stylishly across the table. If your iPhone 11 didn’t have any scratches before, they certainly have them now. As you stare at your (now ruined) iPhone 11, perhaps you just realised that you need a case or a skin. But before you decide you need to consider the benefits of phone skins!

The truth about the added bulk:

Cases are definitely bulkier than skins and that much is very obvious. What we don’t know is that while cases offer incredible protection (with well-made cases) the protective bulk works against us in ways you cannot expect. Most phones like the OnePlus 7T Pro are designed to work perfectly and fit into the hand precisely. Each uncovered OnePlus 7T Pro will fit into your outstretched hand and is optimized to be easy to use.

Now imagine trying to keep hold of something that barely fits in your hand, only to then move on to something with a bulky protective case. Sure, a thick case will reduce the impact of a phone drop; but the issue is that a high-quality case that’s tough enough to successfully protect your phone could also be far too bulky to be held properly. While your phone may fall less from slipping, you could find that it falls more because of “fumbles” thanks to you trying to use the phone and case combo one handed.

Skins on the other hand, are more equipped to fit the sleek profile of your OnePlus 7T Pro or whatever device it was designed for with absolute precision. Skins do not add any bulk and makers of hi-grade skins like Gadgetshieldz use 3M materials which are also very easy to apply. Given that they do not add any bulk; your phone will fit snugly into your hand while also maintaining the sleek style and shape that you’ve come to love.

Protection, Protection, Protection!

The one thing cases have going for them is that they’re built to be sturdy. But even if they’re thick, badly made cases will just transfer the shock to your glass, shattering it anyway. So if you’re wondering what would actually count as great protection from falls, it might be best to make sure you don’t drop it in the first place? Here is also one of the differences between phone skins and cases that only seasoned case users will tell you: Your case gathers a lot, and we mean a LOT of dust.

On the outside, it looks like you and your phone are in paradise. Your Redmi K20 Pro is pristine, scratch-free, and clean as a whistle… or so you think. A while later when you’re ready to replace your cover is when you’ll see the true horror of having a case. The dirt accumulates between your phone and your case, remaining for a long time and becoming very difficult to clean off when you remove the case. This accumulated dirt can also scratch your phone’s back, which was what you were trying to avoid in the first place. Your phone could be smudge free and the case may prevent oil marks, but cases are now a part of the old guard, they’re going obsolete.

People who aren’t sure about protecting their phones with skins often have very similar questions to the ones below:

  • Are Smartphone skins worth it?
  • Are mobile skins good?
  • Will a skin protect my phone?
  • Do wraps protect your phone?

  • The answer to all these questions is yes. A well-made Gadgetshieldz skin will protect your phone from some of the deadliest scratches out there. A well-skinned iPhone 11 can slide across any surface, it’s so well protected that phone owners now try knocking each other’s phones off the table (not really!). But jokes aside, even a Galaxy Note 10 Plus skin will be just as effective keeping away scratches as a case, if not more so. There’s no space in between the phone and the skin for the dust to invade, so for as long as you keep your skin on your phone, it will stay free from scratches and grime. However, skins cannot protect your phone from fall damage. To work around this, some skins come with an enhanced grip so your phone won’t slip out of your hand in the first place. Protection against fall damage is great, but never dropping your phone again is even better.

    Style and function:

    Cases come with some very attractive options. If you have a favourite superhero or movie theme you can be sure that there’s a case out there which would be perfect for you. Cases can come with some really nice bells and whistles but if you aren’t someone who can splurge on a case for hundreds of dollars then they really aren’t worth it, the same could be said for designer cases: They may look great but some of them might be far more expensive than your Redmi Note 8 Pro, so now you’ll have to get a case to protect your new case and… Do you see where we’re going with this?

    The well-protected cases usually have secondary buttons that will help you with accessibility but even with all that your phone still feels unwieldy because of the thickness, and the buttons are little harder to press too. Even the overall sleekness of your phone is ruined by a bulky case. A thinner case may help you solve this problem, but at that point you might as well not have a protective case.

    When it comes to style, skins win hands down. Not only can you just get the kind of skin you want for your Galaxy A50 or Galaxy M30, you can even customize it for the style you want. The 3M materials used by Gadgetshieldz makes our skins incredibly easy to apply and to remove with zero-residue. So you can alternate between our limitlessly customizable skins in case you feel like a change of style.

    Our iPhone 11 skins, as well as all our other skins, are made with absolute precision to fit the contours of your phone down to the last speaker orifice. This makes our skin fit the phone it was made for with absolutely no interference in usage. The texture will feel amazing as your phone still retains all its original functions while gaining a breath-taking skin in the process.

    It’s very easy to buy mobile skins online as opposed to getting just another stylish mobile cover through online shopping. Get a skin and join a world of stylish phone-owners who live and breathe their own sense of hi-style.