PlayStation skins to excite the gamer in you:

GadgetShieldz Admin

If you’re a gamer with a PS4 Pro, then we don’t need to tell you how cool skins really are. But while in-game skins are designed to look good, you’ll find that our PS4 skins are just as awesome, if not more. However, the thing is that these PS4 Pro skins were not designed to just look cool; they also raise your PS4 Pro’s defensive stats. That’s right, this PS4 Pro skin is also a protective layer that protects your PS4 Pro from scratches and smudges already a significant improvement over most of your in-game skins.

Any gamer deserves only the best-looking tools for their journey, and a PS4 slim skin from Gadgetshieldz is meant to be among the finest quality skins in the world. Here’s how your console will look should you decide to take the plunge and skin your PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro.

So turn your plain black PS4 into a warrior’s weapon with the Gadgetshieldz Camo Series PS4 skins

Do you feel like making your PS4 look invincible? Our carbon fibre skins for your PS4 Pro wrap around them like precision armour.

Encapsulate your PS4’s endless mystery with the Black Matrix skin

But if you feel like you’re someone who prefers to cross the Horizon: Zero Dawn, then we definitely recommend the Raptor skin for its wild style.

Sometimes, plain metal is simply the best option! Check out these Brushed steel skins!

How about a more prehistoric PS4 pro skin? For those who had a rocky start with gaming

Is your home too clean? Is your PS4 slim too sleek and perfect? Create a little variety with the Black Grunge skin.

Wood it really matter if your PS4 was actually made of wood? Find out with these amazingly textured wooden skins!

Had a rough gaming session? It couldn’t have been as rough as our sandstone textured custom PS4 Pro skins, check them out here