COVID-19: The Communicable Collective Consciousness

GadgetShieldz Admin
Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s pretty serious out there. This is literally that moment you always wished for; a pandemic sweeps the world, zombies invade, you grab your post-apocalyptic themed clothing (looking severely bad-ass, might I add) ready for some consequence free ass-kicking. You’re in the movie. This is it. Time to feel like Will Smith in “I am Legend”.

But what do you get instead?

A toilet paper shortage, chapped fingers from over sanitization and a house arrest order. Talk about anti-climactic. Say what you will, staying at home is easier said than done my friend.

But, you probably already know that. I mean, that’s why you’re sat at home reading this blog post right? Either that or, you have an unhealthy obsession with us. And to be honest, we’re okay with that.

Corona virus (we hope you read that in Cardi B’s voice) a.k.a *air quote* COVID-19; is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. Notice how they government made it sound all official in a (not so successful) attempt to make us (millennials) take it more seriously. All it’s done so far is make us hate on a certain light Mexican beer. But hey! That one’s been a long time coming anyway.

In all honesty this was something that Bill Gates – all hail the legendary software guru our one true leader and king, warned us about in his 2015 TED talk. We really don’t think anyone at the time was concerned about anything other than the launch of Windows 10 as far as Microsoft goes.

This came following the 2014 Ebola epidemic in Africa, when he specifically advised that governments are severely ill-equipped with insufficient resources to handle another outbreak of similar proportions. Which was precisely what came to be.

If we didn’t learn from Bill, we didn’t learn from anyone. Because even earlier than that in 2002, a very similar epidemic made waves in the media – SARS. Ring a bell? It probably does. This one originated in China as well except that it came from Foshan (go ahead, say it a couple of times, it’s fun) and not Wuhan like Corona. Both diseases are caused by the seasonal influenza virus and have many commonly shared symptoms.

Here’s a European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) fact for you to put things into perspective; 2002 SARS was about 8000 cases where only one in ten died, 2020 COVID-19 on the other hand stands at approximately 87,000 cases plus, with more than 3000 dead so far. You’d think we’d have mitigative measures in place by now. But that’s far from the case.

In essence what this whole mess can be attributed to is our collective abuse of limited natural resources and the planet as a whole. As a species we fail to understand our interconnectedness to this planet and every form of life. But we can moan about boomers and their joint venture to exonerate capitalism and lay waste to our environment another time. Don’t you think its ironic that the virus predominantly targets their particular age group? Or is that just being morbid?

In the meantime, let’s try and do our best to keep this in containment and at least lend a hand to our nurses and doctors out there doing their best every day. So far what we know is fairly simple and easy to do – stay home. Wash your hands. We don’t know why anyone should be telling you that but here we are. If you haven’t already checked it out, YouTube has several hand washing tutorials. You think you’re doing it right? No. Trust me. You’re not. Watch them. After one video we weren’t sure we were even breathing correctly. It helps to hum a song along with your hand washing apparently, something that’s about thirty seconds. We picked “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees. Can someone just crown us emperor of irony already? I mean c’mon. We deserve it. Either that or a medal for morbidity. You pick.

We know some of you like to have your books with pictures. So, we’ve included an infographic on preventive measure from the ECDC.

This is a hard time for all of us. But if we just follow the rules for a few days. We can get out of this mother-nature enforced time out once for all. And hopefully come out wiser as well.

In the meantime, we can reflect on a lot of things, like how linked together we all are, the value of face to face communication, how we take the simplest of things for granted and above all how you now have a tonne of time to shop online. Yeah you thought this would be one of those tree hugging hippie kumbaya kinda blogposts, didn’t you?

Yeah, No.

It’s all about the money honey!

Everyone’s out there covering up their face, you may as well extend the precaution to your phone, i.e. slap on one (or more) of Gadgetshieldz superior gadget protection solutions. Maybe a crystal-clear, military grade full body protector for 360° protection, or better yet our extremely eye catching, bound to turn heads, one of a kind- “Skinnova” vinyl skin device wraps. We’ll let you pick.

Plus just to sweeten things up a little more, we’ll be launching a special COVID quarantine concession special. So, stay tuned to this space for more.