Here’s a sleek and elegant Redmi solution to solve your power crisis

GadgetShieldz Admin

We all know how annoying it can be when you’re on the move and your phone runs out of battery. In fact this can be a major inconvenience at times, especially when you’re the kind of person who relies heavily on your phone in order to get through your average day. However, thanks to the advent of technology and our incessant need to always stay online, we now have a neat and convenient boxed up solution – the power bank.

Gadgetshieldz is particularly excited about this, know why? It’s because we now have an opportunity to wrap up yet another indispensible electronic device in our finest vinyl based protective solutions. Bearing this in mind, allow us to bring your attention to the Redmi power bank. Designed and released by Xiaomi’s sub brand; Redmi, the power bank boasts both form as well as function at an affordable price. The Chinese multinational conglomerate reached out to us at Gadgetshieldz for an enhanced surface protection based collaborative project. In fact, you’re probably reading this post because Xiaomi’s official ecommerce website sent you here in the first place. We’ll have you know that Gadgetshieldz and Xiaomi go way back. Our partnership with the tech giant didn’t just start with wrapping power banks. Gadgetshieldz and Xiaomi go as far back as the Poco F1 when they collaborated on the Poco F1 official skins, all made with eye catching textures and legendary precision that Gadgetshieldz is known for.

Moving forward, let’s take a quick glance at why exactly you should invest in this handy portable power storage unit.

The power bank comes in two electrical charge variants – 10000 and 20000 mAH and two colour options – black and white, to chose from. In addition to this it is equipped with dual input and output ports which can accommodate both Type-C and Micro USB type chargers. This means that you don’t need to carry an additional cable to charge your Redmi power bank; your phone charger will suffice (convenient right?). Practicality aside, the Redmi power bank is sleek and stylish. Designed bearing in mind the need for power banks that do not add a tonne of weight to your bag, the Redmi power bank is light in weight as well as density.

This design efficiency from Redmi extends into the insides of the power bank as well, with the integration of the safer and more efficient Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) battery as opposed to the more common and outdated Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery that you find in most other power banks. Xiaomi further emphasises the safety of its consumers by integrating twelve layers of circuit protection. These “defence mechanisms” if you will, prevent the Redmi power bank circuits from becoming susceptible to a number of potential hazards; high temperatures, short circuiting, electrostatic and so on. If you’re still not convinced then listen to this, the Redmi power bank also comes with a low charging mode, so you can rest assured you won’t zap your other wearable electronics while charging them from your power bank.

Great, now seeing as you’ve gone ahead and purchased your Redmi power bank (which I’m sure you have by now), here’s how to protect your under one thousand rupee purchase; slap on a custom made high quality vinyl skin from Gadgetshieldz. Simple. Need a good reason why? Owning one of our skins on your Redmi power bank will render your device scuff-proof, grip-enhanced, and resistant to most forms of scratches. Plus look at it this way, Gadgetshieldz makes skins for cell phones, laptops and smart watches. Just imagine having all your devices customized to thematically express your vibe and overall aesthetic. We understand that as a consumer you take yourselves seriously, and so do we. Just imagine an Instagram post of your office or studio workspace. Your table is all clean; the sun is shining through the window (that little table plant you bought? looks great), casting a warm light onto your neatly arranged laptop, iPad, smart phone AND power bank, beautifully wrapped up in, let’s say, our white marble vinyl skin, all matching each other. It really does say something. Like, you’ve got your life together and you’re willing to go that extra mile to present yourself as the well put together individual that you are.

Aside from looking great, the skins themselves, are very resilient and are guaranteed to demonstrate long term durability. If you are worried about dropping your Redmi power bank into your bag (potentially filled with a lot of pointy objects) don’t sweat it. Gadgetshieldz skins are virtually indestructible and scratch proof. Plus if you’re finicky about design and concerned about your Redmi power bank being wrapped up in one skin for the rest of its life, it doesn’t need to be that way. Gadgetshieldz skins are easy to switch with zero residual removal and easy application. Change them as frequently as you’d like.

Summing it all up you have a super stylish, tough and vibrant way to protect your Redmi power bank. Go right ahead, click on the link and get started on personalizing your very own Gadgetshieldz Redmi power bank skin.