Why you should invest in a Gadgetshieldz full body screen protector: An Economists Perspective

GadgetShieldz Admin

Today we’re diving into the exciting field of, *cue drum roll*, full body screen protectors!

Yes, you heard… read (?) that right!

Now before you scroll past this article whilst labelling it irrelevant, we suggest taking a moment and see why equipping your phone with the latest in screen protection technology may be the difference between life and death.

Exaggeration much, you say? We’ll prove you wrong!

Full body screen protectors. Fairly self-explanatory. If you’re somehow still confused about it. We’ll say it again plain and simple; full body screen protectors are; ultra-clear and ultra-flexible military grade films (and we can’t stress this enough) that COVER your ENTIRE device. Yes. Camera lens included, so you can keep taking those A+ photographs even over time.

All of this, made possible by giving you the scratch protection you deserve. Stuff of legends. Armour, fit for Gods. Literal, Arnold Schwarzenegger protecting John Connor in The Terminator level scratch protection.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned description is guaranteed only on the purchase of full body screen protectors from Gadgetshieldz. The author of this article and in extension Gadgetshieldz, relinquish all responsibility for damages caused to full body screen protectors procured from our weak and nowhere nearly as awesome as us, competitors. (basically, you’re stupid and it’s your fault).

But enough about that, this blog is about why you should invest i.e. purchase, our state-of-the-art full body screen protector.

Since we’re calling it an investment, let’s look at it from an economist’s perspective. They use a nice little term called ROI. Stands for, Return on Investment(s). An elegant equation, we unknowingly apply every day.

“Will I get back what I put in?”

Fair enough, except most of us want the value of returns to exceed the value of investment.

Now to achieve this, the same economists, highly recommend observing the bigger picture, and since we’re the greatest of all time (tech protection hardware wise), allow us to paint you said “bigger picture”, breaking down ROI in real time.

Gadgetshieldz full body screen protectors for all smart phones are priced at ten US dollars, alternatively, six hundred rupees.

The iPhone 11 Pro, is priced at a thousand-dollars or one lakh rupees.

Authentic replacement of the screen is two hundred and eighty dollars, or twenty-six thousand rupees.

A good ROI has to have a higher savings to investment ratio.

So, you do the math. Would you rather spend ten dollars or two hundred and eighty dollars? Think of it like a ten-dollar life jacket to save your thousand-dollar device, and you can’t make this stuff up. This is one scenario in life that disproportionately plays out in your favour.

But please, we’re not an insurance agency. Because we don’t suck at what we do.

Now it gets interesting (for real). Remember how we weren’t exaggerating about a matter of life and death? Yeah, we’d like to invite the R from ROI to help explain how it’s not just about saving $280.

Take our current situation; complete lock down. You scratch your phone beyond redemption. The touch screen won’t respond and you can’t be thinking about heading to the nearest repair store. Communication, would be the first to feel the pinch, which then extends to your finances; since online transactions are out of the question. There’s no ordering groceries or food or sanitary equipment. No Googling if the fourth cough in a row is COVID-19 symptom and so on.

Smart phones are integrated into our day to day survival whether we like it or not.

This over-arching impediment to life in general manifests otherwise even if we negate this very unfortunate turn of events. COVID or not, you’d still have to find a store to replace your screen, request them to order it, physically hand over the phone, wait for it to be completed and return to collect.

Plus, do we know if these new screens are from an authentic vendor? Don’t think we’d like anything more from China at the moment.

Nightmare, right?

We’ve all been there. Virtually handicapped. Curled up rocking back and forth in a corner nursing a non-mobile existential crisis.

These kinds of things are your ACTUAL returns; the peace of mind that comes with using a phone you know is safe from scratches. Avoiding the hassle we just outlined, saving time, saving money.

Making money! Because if in fact you remove the zero-residue screen and body protector from the iPhone, you have a brand-new looking device to resell.

Bottom line, it’s inefficient and stupid to not slap on a Gadgetshieldz full body screen protector right now. We showed you the math. The gains are outrageous.

For a tenth of what you paid on your tech, you can rest assured you’ve secured your thousand-dollar device.

Why invest in a full body screen protector? Well, now you know.