Aesthetize-101: Create an All-Rounder Protected Aesthete for your Samsung Galaxy Devices with One UI 4.0 and…Us!

GadgetShieldz Admin

“Your Galaxy, Your Way”- This new mantra of Samsung has been going around and about since the launch of Samsung’s One UI 4.0 exclusively for Samsung Galaxy devices during mid-November this year.

Amongst loads and loads of features of the latest One UI, this particular feature is what’s catching a lot of attention: Self-Customization.

This feature is focused on expressing yourself in your own, unique ways through your Galaxy device. Now you can customize your phone display in many ways with a brand new, super diverse color palette and you can pick colours from your wallpaper and lock screen and sync it with your theme!

Generally, in themes, you can’t do much for the look and feel of your icons and buttons, but with this feature, YOU DEFINITELY CAN!

Another eye-catching feature of One UI 4.0 is its accessibility to Data Protection. There are kill switch options in the Quick Toggle menu for granting media and location access so that you don’t have to go to each app settings one by one to turn off media and location access.

Furthermore, you can even choose to erase what your phone has learnt about you!

Sounds pretty cool, right?

(FYI, we know your answer, and of course, it’s a yes!)

But then, at Gadgetshieldz we love to innovate further and go above and beyond just ‘pretty cool’.

And that’s when we thought, “Why not also imbue style and protection on the exterior of the device?”

Before we get to the part of telling you how cool it will be to have protection and customization inside-out, we want to give you a scenario here: –

Let’s say you are just another highly-paid multinational corporate cog sitting at a nice, posh coffee shop and you are sipping some over-priced average-tasting coffee convincing yourself to finish the coffee somehow. Convincing is not working for obvious reasons, so you decide to distract yourself by just scrolling through your brand new, expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra. You are customizing, trying out all the new features of your phone, but your butterfingers could not handle it and alas, you drop your phone!

And that’s ‘Fin’ for your phone.

Unfortunately, there is no happy ending to this story but we are here to help you to have the happy ending you deserve!

We are here not to just tell you to buy our mobile skins and screen protectors/full-body protectors (it will be great if you do though!), we are here to help you ‘Aesthetize’ your phone.

Before some of you Grammar-Nazis start typing out about how it’s not a real word, we want you to know that we are aware of the fact that it’s not a real word in dictionaries but we assure you, the vibe of this term is just right.

As we all can see, Samsung Galaxy devices are entering a whole new phase with One UI 4.0, because everybody hates sharing data but love flexing on the ‘gram about their new gadgets.

But it’s of no use if you are always worried about dropping your device or even worse, dropping something over your device, right?

To save you some stress, you can opt for back skins with us which are made with 3M Vinyl materials and are precisely cut around the edges for a snug, bubble-free fit. Right after you customize your phone display, you can log in to our website, find your Galaxy device, choose from our variety of textures that pairs well with your device display aesthetic and you’re set to go to the next step!

Now that your device is going to look awesome and won’t slip from your hands, we recommend you to browse through our range of screen-protectors and full-body protectors to protect your phone from scratches and grime while you protect your data. Fear not about any added bulkiness, because our screen protectors and full-body protectors are virtually invisible and self-healing too!

Aesthetic device display, check. Data protected, check. Skinning the device matched with device display, check. Screen protection, check. Could this be any better?

We’ve done quite a bit of research on One UI 4.0 for this article, and in conclusion, we’ve understood how awesome Samsung Galaxy devices are going to be from now on, and we would not want you to worry about how you are going to take care of such a cool device.

Slap on our Skinnova Wraps and Screen/Body Protectors on your Galaxy Devices, trust us, thank us later