An Honest & Elaborate TWS Buyer’s Guide

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We know how you got to this page of TWS Buyer’s Guide because…well… there are just too many!

Some pages will tell you all about the best Bluetooth earbuds under ₹5000. Some will throw away the price point far away to make you think about all your credit card EMIs.

As a brand that offers skins and screen protectors for your tech toys, we are big-time tech geeks ourselves, and that is why we are here to provide you with an honest TWS buyer’s guide where we have got something for everyone on one page!

At this point, we would also like to remind you that it’s going to be an elaborate article, but we promise you, you will find a lot of insights!

In this article, we’ll be listing and writing about all top-ranked TWS devices from a range from highest price to lowest price for a better understanding of specs at any price point.

So, here we go!

Available at the pricing of ₹24,500, Apple AirPods Pro is an upgrade from Apple AirPods 3 as they provide features which are as follows: –

  • Switching between ANC and Transparency Mode
  • Vent system for pressure equalisation
  • Battery Life is 4.5h + 24h (with case).
  • Spatial Audio with Dynamic tracking
  • Shorter stem
  • Skin-sensor enables the buds to play only when it’s placed in-ear. Otherwise, it pauses the audio.
  • H1 Chip enables high-quality audio streaming
  • Sweat and Water Resistant
  • MagSafe wireless charging
  • Battery Life: 6h on one charge + 30h with case
  • Hey Siri option available

But there’s a catch: While Apple AirPods Pro does work with Android devices, you will miss out on most of the features unless you have an iPhone or an iPad.

Available at the best deal on Amazon for ₹24,210, these earbuds scream of high-quality features! With these Bose earbuds, you can now switch between ANC and Aware mode, or even personalize noise-canceling level to your choice while enjoying the premium quality sound and it also cancels out most of the surrounding sounds while on call. These earbuds also have touch and swipe controls. However, they face the downside of battery life as a single charge gives a playback time of 6 hours, while with the charging case you will only get 12 hours, but can be charged using a Qi-powered charging mat.

If you can keep aside the battery life and price point, it’s a great TWS device to have in your possession.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Starting from the best buy of ₹22,999 on Amazon, this is exactly what you need if the pricing isn’t your deal-breaker!

With a battery life of 7h + 21h(with charging case) and 7mm dynamic drivers, this TWS gives out audio with detailed treble and deep bass for a long time. And not to forget, it has ANC which cancels out even the noisiest sounds, making these Sennheiser TWS earbuds unrivaled.

Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds

Available at the best deal on Amazon for ₹17,999, these Jabra earbuds are a catch as these come with in-built 6 mics and have an Advanced ANC adjustable slider for clear calls and audio playback. These earbuds have a very long-lasting battery life of 5.5 h + 25h (with case and ANC). For all-day comfort, these earbuds have a semi-open design with oval silicone EarGels. Along with all these features, these earbuds are IPX4 rated water and sweat-resistant as well.

These earbuds are best for active lifestyle followers.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Available at the best deal on Amazon for ₹12,990, these Sony earbuds have a decent price point for the features they’re providing. These earbuds have digital noise cancellation; enabling a virtual soundproof experience. These earbuds have touch and swipe controls for audio playbacks and calls and not to forget, these earbuds have in-built Alexa for total hands-free control, which you can activate using the right earbud. What’s interesting is that these earbuds have different modes for interacting with your surroundings while your TWS is linked. Below are as follows: –

  • Quick Attention Mode: Place your finger on the left earbud, voila! Noise Cancellation turns off and volume lowers while you greet and talk to your friend you might bump into someday!
  • Ambient Sound Mode: These earbuds automatically switch to ambient mode according to where you are.

It is evident that these earbuds have a lot to offer, and Sony has a reputation for producing high-quality electronics. If you decide not to skimp on cash, this one might be a great choice.

Manufactured by OnePlus, one of the most popular brands known for their smartphones, OnePlus Pro Buds are available on Amazon for a price of ₹9990 and are imbued with features as follows: –

  • Smart Noise Cancellation cancels out up to 40dB of noise including environmental noise
  • Warp Charging, one of the best features by OnePlus, enables you to charge your OnePlus Buds case in 10 minutes to give you a charge worth 10 hours!
  • The previous point brings us to battery life and these earbuds have got it! 5h with ANC and 7h without ANC and 38 hours of battery with case! That’s more than most of the brands!
  • 12 mm dynamic drivers and triple in-built mic ensure crisp quality calls and punchy bass during audio playbacks.
  • Zen Mode allows playing white noise including nature sounds, meditation sounds, sleep sounds.
  • IPX4 water and sweat resistant

In conclusion, these earbuds are one of the best you can find within ₹10k as the above features form a perfect union you need in earbuds.


Co-created with Dynaudio, these Oppo earbuds are one of the best you can find for ₹9,990 in Oppo Store or Flipkart!

Let’s have a look at some of their features listed below: –

  • Packed with an 11mm dynamic driver and 6mm balanced membrane; ensures deep bass with crisp, clear and enhanced audio playback.
  • Personalise your hearing as per your needs with Max NC, NC and transparent modes.
  • These earbuds have a great battery life; with and without NC mode. With NC mode: 4h per charge+20h (with charging case) and without NC: 5.5 h per charge+25 h (with charging case).
  • IPX4 rated water and sweat resistant.

In conclusion, these earbuds have similar features to the top-ranked, standard earbuds. Not to say it’s nothing too great, but you can find them at different price points.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Available at the best deal on Amazon for ₹7,825.00, these are some of the great pairs of earbuds you can own. One of the many features which stands out is their ergonomic design. These earbuds just sit comfortably in your ear and do not bulge out at all. Other features are listed below: –

  • ANC: The ANC feature of these earbuds is so good, that it received a UL verification for cutting out 97% of surrounding noise
  • Spotify integration enables you to just touch and hold your earbuds and Spotify will play automatically!
  • Triple-in-built mic enables crisp quality calls
  • These earbuds provide 6 hours of non-stop playback and 21 hours with the case.

These earbuds have received a lot of positive acclamation from the users and companies like UL as well for their ANC and usage of recycled materials. The price point is also decent, which makes it a good buy.

Nothing ear (1)

Available at the best deal on Flipkart and the official store for ₹4,999, these Nothing earbuds are everything! These earbuds have an ergonomic design that provides long-time comfort for the user. Below are some more features: –

  • Switch to ANC or Transparent Mode instantly with a press of a button
  • 11.5 mm dynamic drivers with air chambers provide a punchy bass with perfect mids and treble sound.
  • Triple in-built mic ensures clear voice even in noisiest areas
  • IPX4 rating water and sweat resistance
  • 5 hours of playback time+ 34 hours with the case (case is also chargeable by any Qi wireless chargers)

In conclusion, these earbuds have more enhanced features and the price is less costly than its competitors, which makes it a great buy!

Noise Air Buds Solo

Available at the best deal on Amazon for a price of ₹4,499, these earbuds have pretty good features, given their price. Below are the features as follows: –

  • Switch between Hybrid ANC and Transparency modes by tapping on your earbuds
  • 10 mm dynamic drivers ensure deep bass
  • Triple in-built mic ensures clear calls
  • In-ear detection mode
  • Sweat-resistant
  • 7 hours with ANC/ 5 hours without ANC playback time + 29 hours (with charging case)

In conclusion, these earbuds have amazing specs for this price point! Adding features like wireless charging will make it a perfect buy, but won’t be necessary.

OnePlus Buds Z

Available at the best deal on Amazon for a price of ₹2,999, these earbuds provide decent features for a low-cost price point. Below are the features as follows: –

  • 10mm dynamic drivers for a deep bass
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • In-ear detection mode
  • Battery life: 5 hours of playback + 20 hours with the case
  • IP55 rated water and sweat resistant
  • Earbud tap control: You can choose tap controls for each earbud through your phone.

In conclusion, these earbuds are quite above the average standard. This does not make these earbuds the best all over but is pretty good given their price.

Realme Buds Q2

Available at the best deal on Amazon for ₹2,249, these earbuds provide a lot of features for such a cheap price! Below are the features as follows: –

  • ANC, ENC and transparent modes
  • 10mm Bass Boost Driver & Large Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm for deeper bass and clearer stereo
  • Dual noise cancellation during calls
  • 7 hours + 28 hours (with charging case) playback time
  • IPX5 rating water and sweat resistance

These earbuds have a lot of great features for such a price point. For a TWS device below ₹2,500, features of noise control modes and battery life are not very easy to find, but this one has it all!

Oppo Enco W11

Available at the best deal on Oppo India Store for ₹1,999, these earbuds are quite basic but fit really well within the budget factor. Below are the features as listed below: –

  • Has 8 mm dynamic driver
  • Noise Cancellation during calls
  • IP55 rating dust and water-resistant
  • Intelligent touch controls
  • 5 hr+ 20 hr (with charging case)

As mentioned earlier, these are pretty basic features earbuds generally possess. But for this price point, it’s pretty decent and okay-ish.

If you’ve reached here, the end of this article, after a session of long reading, CONGRATULATIONS ON GAINING MORE KNOWLEDGE!

Secondly, FYI, TWS devices also get scratches and grime. We did quite a lot of research and writing on this piece just for you all. We hope you don’t mind browsing through our range of Skinnova skins & wraps and finding something there to give your TWS the protection and the style it deserves!