Need of the Hour: Optimizing your iPhone’s Battery Health

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Every year, as ritualistic as it sounds, Apple fans feel the ripple of excitement and they go berserk to buy newly launched iPhones. Apple has a history of satisfying their fans’ rave with their innovative features but we know that fans are still missing the charger bricks and hating that annoying bathtub notch because it is a FACT, that iPhone’s battery lifespan is mediocre.

Apple fans might hate us for saying this but… memes don’t lie, right?

It is very common for iPhones’ battery health to go from 100% to 80% within a year and it will continue to degrade which will further demand you to charge your iPhone very often. This makes the iPhone users go mad as they can’t make the most out of their iPhones.

But worry not! With our battery optimization hacks, we can help you reduce battery drainage and increase your iPhone’s battery health.

You can improve your iPhone’s battery lifespan by optimizing configuration in two ways as follows: –

1. Cellular Data Optimization

2. System Settings Optimization

Cellular Data Optimization:

The apps in your iPhone need to run in the background to fetch data for enhanced performance whenever you revisit them, but for obvious reasons, it will drain your iPhone’s batteries faster. Geofencing and iCloud backups also have a fair share in draining your battery by consuming enormous background data. You can restrict this by configuring your settings as below: –

Cellular others

  • Cellular >Wifi Assist > Turn off
  • Cellular > Cellular data Options > Voice & Data > 5G auto


  • System > General > Background app Refresh > Disable accordingly with your usage preference


  • Settings >iCloud>iCloud backup > off over cellular
  • Settings > Cellular >iCloud Drive > Turn off

You can do such configurations and extend your battery life. But there is a catch: Since you are restricting background operations, there might be some slight downgrade in the quality of app performances.

System Settings Optimization

You can optimize the battery life by configuring system settings also. There are so many options under system settings that you can configure concerning your usage preferences and priorities.

Below are those configuration options: –


  • System > General > Notifications >Siri suggestions
  • System > General > Notifications > applications > Optimize
  • Settings > Mail > Notification > Turn Off

Focus modes

  • System > General > Focus > customize home screen & app


  • Settings > camera > Live text > show detected text
  • Settings > Camera > preserve settings > camera mode > off

Using AD-block in safari browser

  • System > Safari > extensions > Ad blocker > turn on

Geo-Location / tracking

  • Settings > Privacy > Location services > system services > Applications > Optimize
  • Settings > Privacy > Location services > Home > Precise Locations
  • System > Privacy > Tracking >Optimize


  • Settings > Music > Audio quality > Optimize


  • Settings > Mail > accounts > fetch new data > manual

Siri& Search

  • Settings >Siri& Search > Optimize recommendation
  • Settings >Siri& Search > Hey siri> Optimize
  • Settings >Siri& Search >Siri responses > optimize


  • System > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Optimize
  • System > Privacy > Analytics & improvement > Turn Off
  • System > App store > Auto uploads > Turn off
  • System > Accessibility > Audio/visuals > Optimize
  • System > Accessibility > Sound recognition > off
  • System > Sounds &haptics> Vibration off


  • System > Battery > Battery Health > Optimised battery charging On
  • System > Battery > Battery Chart

Display settings

  • Turn on Auto-brightness/ Dark mode
  • Settings > Display & Brightness >Darkmode
  • Settings > General > screen time > Turn off
  • Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text size > Reduce White Point

Disable Background app refresh

  • System > General > Background app Refresh > Disable with respect your usage preference

Use your iPhone with the above configurations for a week, we assure you a good level of improvement in your iPhone’s standby time.

You can even take a look at your battery chart and see what all apps are consuming your battery and optimize accordingly.

As we draw things to a close, we want to throw up one final and simple hack to keep your iPhone’s battery in its best possible form. We highly recommend you to use Apple’s genuine or MFi-certified charging bricks and cables to charge your iPhones. Also, make sure that you are using charging accessories that have power output relevant to your iPhone model.

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See ya, iPeeps!