OnePlus Nord Buds 2 Skins & Wraps
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OnePlus Nord Buds 2 Skins & Wraps

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Standout from the crowd

Tired of blending in? Break free from the crowd with our OnePlus Nord Buds 2 Skins! They are the ultimate game-changers for your OnePlus Nord Buds 2. From bold and vibrant to sleek and sophisticated, we've got the perfect TWS wraps to transform your OnePlus Nord Buds 2 into a true standout. So don’t settle for ordinary, get your hands on these TWS cover skins and be the envy of everyone around you! You can conveniently buy TWS skins online in India and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Scratch Protection

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 may be pricey, but rest assured the scratches and fingerprints you get are absolutely free. So, when it comes to finding protection options for your beloved device, look no further. Our stylish OnePlus Nord Buds 2 skins are made to protect your earbuds from scratches while also hiding any existing scratches or scuffs that may have already occurred. Once applied, the earbuds skins on your OnePlus Nord Buds 2 around the intricate edges to create a new phenomenal style.

Add Style, Not Bulk

We're not just talking about ordinary protection here; we're talking about a sensory experience like no other. Feel the premium texture, marvel at the flawless fit, and immerse yourself in the world of OnePlus Nord Buds 2 skins. Say goodbye to worries about scratches and dust with our premium OnePlus Nord Buds 2 skins, expertly crafted using the finest 3M materials. You can also ward off accidental falls as the true wireless earbuds skins provides an additional grip that comes with true textures of Wood, Leather, Raptor, and more.

Precision Engineered

Embrace the art of minimalism as our TWS skins wraps your OnePlus Nord Buds 2 with a thin layer of elegance, preserving its slim profile. Our TWS cover skins are crafted exclusively with premium 3M material, ensuring a sleek and slim profile for your device. It's time to shed the unnecessary bulk and switch to superior-quality TWS skins, designed to enhance, not weigh down your TWS.

Zero Residue

Precision is our middle name. We know TWS skins making the way NASA knows its space crafts. Each template is tested over a thousand times and passed through a battery of QA Engineers before we land on that perfect design. This guarantees every single OnePlus Nord Buds 2 skins fits like a glove making your device look like a walimited-edition true wireless earbudsmanufactured by OnePlus themselves. Yes, we give you that feeling for free with every TWS skins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
ashok sanku
Best of the lot

I have been using these skins & Screen Protectors for the past 5 years, these skins are very strong and adhesive and their matt screen protectors are my favorite, current I am rocking Galaxy S23 with Skin & Matt screen protector.

Dharmendr Singh
Pasting of mobile cover

Very well with finishing touches giving to mobile. Great job

Dharmendr Singh

Good site which is provided lots of information related with branded mobile

Good one but not in perfect size

I have been ordering from GADGETS SHIELD since 5yrs. They always comes in perfect size and fit. But this time I ordered for my S24 but surprisingly it was bit smaller in the edge corner. Doesn't fit well. Though the quality is always great. I will purchase more.

Vivek Khadse
Best skin for Samsung S24 Ultra

I have been using Gadgetshieldz skin from a long time because of it's quality and fit and finish. This Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra skin is also of good quality and fits perfectly well on the phone. I would definitely recommend it or for any other smartphone or electronic gadgets. They have also started skins for car key which is also a great product.

Vipin Das
Awesome skin

Perfect skin for my new poco x6 pro. Elevated the phone look to the next level. I am a regular customer of gadgetshieldz and they never disappointed.

Nikhil Shinde
Very Nice


Nitish Kumar Kumar

Galaxy S22 Plus Flat Back Skins

Devashis Limboo

iPhone 14 Pro Flat Back Skins


Awesome Product. Highly Recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

What are skins?

Our TWS Skins are stylish wraps that protect the back and sides of your device from nicks, scratches, and fingerprints. Skinnova skins are made of authentic 3M materials and come in many textures, giving you full freedom to customize the look of your phone. They are custom-cut for the dimensions of your device and adhere directly to it, providing seamless protection without adding any bulk. At just 0.2mm thick, our TWS Skins allow for a freehold and easy carry. The authentic 3M skins are so thin that any average onlooker would think your phone was shipped straight out of the factory, but with this gorgeous look.

What is the process for applying skins to my device?

You can check out our skins application videos, created to assist you with installation. We highly recommend you to watch these videos before applying the TWS Skins. They are available for most popular devices. If a video for your specific device is not available, please watch videos for any similar devices, as the installation procedure is the same for most devices.

Is using a hairdryer necessary?

A hairdryer is essential for making the TWS Skins adhere to contoured surfaces. The hairdryer softens the material and adhesive, making it easier for the skin to wrap around curved corners and sides. This also ensures that the corners of your skins stay blended with your device and prevent premature peeling.

How should I utilize a hairdryer to ensure the corners are secure?

Keep the hairdryer at a moderate heat setting. Apply heat to a corner of the skin for 3–4 seconds with the hairdryer. Afterward, rub your finger over the skin in that area to adhere it to the surface. Repeat this process for the remaining corners. Applying the skins to textured devices might be challenging. Use generous amount of heat from the hairdryer to apply the skins on such surfaces.

If I didn't align the skins properly, can I remove and reapply them?

It's possible to do so. If you notice any alignment errors, without stretching or deforming, peel the skin immediately before you realign it.

Is it possible to customize the skin with a logo cut-out?

If you wish to modify the logo cut-out on your TWS Skins, please indicate your request in the order note at checkout or drop us an email at Rest assured, we will make the required adjustments to fulfill your preference. Whether you prefer a precise cut-out for the logo or none at all, we're dedicated to personalizing your device to your liking.

Do the skins impact the device's functionality?

Our TWS Skins are specifically designed not to affect the functionality of your devices. We conduct extensive testing with various gadgets to ensure that our skins have no negative impact on device performance. Whether it's wireless charging and MagSafe for phones or the smooth operation of laptop trackpads, our skins seamlessly integrate without hindering any features or functions. Additionally, our skins are thoughtfully crafted to provide easy access to buttons, ports, and markings on professional cameras, ensuring that the functionality of your devices remains unaffected.

Do you offer mobile cases?

We do not offer mobile cases or phone covers; our product range includes only skins, screen & body protectors, tempered glass and camera lens protector.