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Stylish, sleek, and oh-so-simple to apply! Our Pastel Skins are ultra-thin for a breezy application, ensuring a snug fit every time. They're as flexible as you, giving perfect alignment to keep your device looking picture-perfect and protected, no matter where your day takes you!


Pastel Red

Bold yet understated, Pastel Red Skins adds a touch of fiery elegance to your device, making it stand out in a crowd without shouting.

Pastel Blue

Dive into serenity with Pastel Blue Skins, giving your device a tranquil vibe while keeping it protected with a splash of cool hues.

Pastel Green

Nature meets technology with Pastel Green Skins, bringing a breath of fresh air to your device while keeping it as vibrant as springtime.

Pastel Pink

Sweet, chic, and oh-so-stylish, Pastel Pink Skins gives your device a rosy makeover, blending charm with protection in the most delightful way.

Pastel Purple

Indulge your device with a touch of royalty and a whole lot of style with Pastel Purple Skins, wrapping your device in royal hues and protection with every touch.