Why just Screen Protection is no longer enough?

GadgetShieldz Admin

A lot of us don’t really give our phones a second thought once we get the screen guard. Why? Because up until now, we only cared about the screen and what it showed us. But we can no longer be so ignorant. Our phones are no longer simple communication devices. Our phones are wonders of electronic engineering and impeccable design. Today a phone’s back is usually given a beautiful, incredibly smooth and glossy finish (OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy S10) and some of them are even made of glass (iPhone XS anybody?), leaving that beautiful, sleek phone prone to scratches all over.

So the common approach to phone scratches would be: “It’s okay, I can just keep my phone away from scratches, I can do this” But the number of ways your phone can get scratches are unbelievable. Just wiping off the dust or sliding it across the table can turn that pristine back into something the cat dragged in. And if you own a pet you can be certain there will be times they’re curious about that strange window that makes noises (your phone).

And that is not all! The possibilities that could scratch your phone are endless. Some for example are:

  • Step on it while using your “weighing machine” app
  • Hiding the phone under your table if you were talking to your girlfriend and your mother entered the room.
  • Putting your phone in the same pocket as your keys.
  • Rolling over it in your sleep, even the underside of your pillow isn’t always safe.
  • Be kidnapped by evil phone-scratching aliens who want nothing more than to cover your phone in small, annoying scratches.
  • Attempt a science experiment and destroy all of reality by mistake, including your phone.
  • Try to use your chainsaw app to cut wood.
  • Set your phone on airplane mode and throw it to see if it flies. (scratches are the least of your problems in cases like this)
  • Your dog deciding that your phone needs a more rugged look.

    Look, if some of this stuff scares you we get it. And if you aren’t worried about scratches, you should be! All it takes is one scratch, and soon before you know it society is breaking down and the apocalypse arrives! Why? Because of the butterfly effect!

    But what if you decided that enough was enough? What if you took decisive action and decided you would not hide your phone away to keep away the scratches?… It’s been a week since you made your choice and you’ve never been more relaxed. You take your phone out and hand it to your colleague, who slides it back to you. But you aren’t worried; you weren’t even worried about your keys in your pocket with your phone: You’ve lost your scratch-o-phobia. You pick up your phone to examine your new Gadgetshieldz screen protector. Your phone is now protected from the front, the back, the sides, and even your camera is now protected with an invisible but ultra-tough layer of our self-healing scratch guard. Now, if the apocalypse begins you can be certain it wasn’t your fault… or was it