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iPhone 13 Pro Skins & Wraps
iPhone 13 Pro Skins & Wraps
iPhone 13 Pro Skins & Wraps
Side Frames Can’t be applied on Full Back
fullback : pastel red
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iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector
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iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector

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World's Most Invisible Protection

Ultra Clear
Ultra Clear
CaseFit Matte
CaseFit Ultra Clear
No Screen
Ultra Clear
Ultra Clear
No Body
Installation Kit

GadgetShieldz® Screen Protector is the best choice for maximum scratch protection for Nothing Phone (2a). The ultra-clear, ultra-thin FlexArmor screen protector applies on your screen, back, sides, top, bottom and camera lens providing 360 degree scratch protection.

iPhone 13 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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iPhone 13 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Pack of 1
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GadgetShieldz® Screen Protector is the best choice for maximum scratch protection for Nothing Phone (2a). The ultra-clear, ultra-thin FlexArmor screen protector applies on your screen, back, sides, top, bottom and camera lens providing 360 degree scratch protection.

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skinnova skins, wraps & covers
Style Statement For Your Tech Toys

Infinite possibilities

With the Gadgetshieldz customizer, you can check out different skins and choose the best skin for your iPhone 13 Pro . The possibilities are endless. Customize every part of your iPhone 13 Pro with our range of skins. Choose from full back skins, flat back skins, lens skins, camera skins, and side frame skins. You can select different skins for each part, creating a truly unique look for your device. Whether you want a uniform design or a mix of textures and colors, our custom iPhone 13 Pro skins provide the flexibility to match your personal style. Each piece is designed to fit perfectly, offering seamless protection and a stylish finish.

Standout from the crowd

Tired of blending in? Break free from the crowd with our iPhone 13 Pro Skins! They are the ultimate game-changers for your iPhone 13 Pro . From bold and vibrant to sleek and sophisticated, we've got the perfect phone wraps to transform your iPhone 13 Pro into a true standout. So don't settle for ordinary, get your hands on these phone cover skins and be the envy of everyone around you! You can conveniently buy iPhone 13 Pro skins online in India and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Scratch Protection

The iPhone 13 Pro may be pricey, but rest assured the scratches and fingerprints you get are absolutely free. So, when it comes to finding protection options for your beloved device, look no further. Our stylish iPhone 13 Pro skins are made to protect your phone from scratches while also hiding any existing scratches or scuffs that may have already occurred. Once applied, the mobile skins on your iPhone 13 Pro wrap around the intricate edges to create a new phenomenal style.Our device skins provide a layer of protection against wear and tear, ensuring your iPhone 13 Pro remains pristine.

Top Notch Materials

We're not just talking about ordinary protection here; we're talking about a sensory experience like no other. Feel the premium texture, marvel at the flawless fit, and immerse yourself in the world of iPhone 13 Pro skins. Say goodbye to worries about scratches and dust with our premium iPhone 13 Pro skins, expertly crafted using the finest 3M materials. You can also ward off accidental falls as the mobile skins provide an additional grip that comes with true textures of Wood, Leather, Raptor, and more. Our high-quality materials ensure that your iPhone 13 Pro remains protected and stylish.

Add Style, Not Bulk

Embrace the art of minimalism as our mobile skins wrap your iPhone 13 Pro with a thin layer of elegance, preserving its slim profile. Our mobile cover skins are crafted exclusively with premium 3M material, ensuring a sleek and slim profile for your device. It's time to shed the unnecessary bulk and switch to superior-quality phone skins, designed to enhance, not weigh down your phone.Our vinyl skins offer high-quality protection without compromising on style.

Precision Engineered

Precision is our middle name. We know mobile skins making the way NASA knows its space crafts. Each template is tested over a thousand times and passed through a battery of QA Engineers before we land on that perfect design. This guarantees every single iPhone 13 Pro skin fits like a glove, making your device look like a limited-edition phone manufactured by Apple themselves. Yes, we give you that feeling for free with every phone skins.

Zero Residue

To apply a 3M vinyl mobile skin from Gadgetshieldz is the easiest thing in the world, and to remove it is the second easiest. Thanks to bubble-free application and removal, you can switch between our countless colors and premium textures effortlessly as your style changes. Our exceptional collection of iPhone 13 Pro skins offers the ultimate combination of style, protection, and convenience. Say goodbye to frustrating residue marks!Our skins are designed for easy alignment and removal, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

How To Apply iPhone 13 Pro Skins?
Application Instructions
how to apply mobile skins, wraps & covers

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Loved the skin

I ordered the fabric skin and I love how easy it was to apply it. It has give my device a new look and feel.

Anish Jena
Completely Satisfied

I am highly satisfied with the skin. It combines excellent protection with a stylish design that enhances the look and feel of my phone. The quality of the material ensures durability, and the precise fit gives it a custom-made appearance. Installing the skin was hassle-free, and it has successfully kept my phone free from scratches and minor dings. For anyone looking to protect their phone without compromising on style, I would highly recommend the Gadgetshieldz mobile skin.

Great product and delivery time

It reached my house so less time

Nice product thanks you gadgetshield

Nice product awesome


Perfectly matching the phone. Quality is good. Can be applied by ourselves.


Purchased a lot of skins for my family and friends they all love it, great fit and easiest application, although I hope more variety could be offered, more designs and more type of textures with various colors, they used to be available a while back not sure why not now, but I hope they will be back with more varieties, cheers.

Shrinivas Patil

I've been using the skins for years now. Amazing quality, precision cutting.

iPhone 13 pro Skin

Perfect fit and amazing quality!

Great skins

I really like the skins and I have been using gadgetshieldz skins for couple of years now. I definitely suggest the skins for every mobile user who likes to use skins on their phone to give an attitude to it.

Rajinder Singh
Perfect product

It was very nice same as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are GadgetShieldz iPhone 13 Pro skins and wraps?

GadgetShieldz skins and wraps are high-quality, adhesive coverings designed to protect and personalize your iPhone 13 Pro. They offer scratch protection without adding bulk.

How do I apply the skin to my iPhone 13 Pro?

Each skin comes with detailed application instructions and a video guide to help you apply it smoothly and without bubbles.You can check out our skins application videos, created to assist you with installation.

Can I remove and reapply the skin?

GadgetShieldz skins are designed for single-use application. While they can be removed without residue, reapplying the same skin is not recommended as it may lose its adhesive properties.

Will the skin affect wireless charging?

No, GadgetShieldz skins are thin enough to allow for wireless charging without any interference.

Do GadgetShieldz skins provide drop protection?

Skins primarily offer scratch protection and aesthetic enhancement. For drop protection, consider using them in conjunction with a case.

Are the skins waterproof?

Yes, GadgetShieldz skins are water-resistant, providing protection from spills and light moisture.

Can I customize my skin design?

Yes, GadgetShieldz offers a variety of textures and colors to choose from, allowing you to customize your device to your liking.

How long will the skin last on my iPhone 13 Pro?

With proper application and care, GadgetShieldz skins can last for several months without peeling or fading.

What materials are used for the skins?

GadgetShieldz skins are made from high-quality vinyl, ensuring durability and ease of application.

Are there any warranty or return policies?

Yes, GadgetShieldz offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Email Confirmation: Email to initiate a return. Condition: Product must be unused and in resalable condition. Restocking Fee: Rs.100 (US$ 1.99) per item; Rs. 250 for larger devices. Shipping Charges: Non-refundable; additional Rs.100 if delivery is refused. COD Orders: Refunds not applicable.

How do I clean my skin-covered iPhone 13 Pro?

You can clean your skin-covered iPhone 13 Pro with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Will the skin interfere with my phone’s buttons, ports, or camera?

No, GadgetShieldz skins are precisely cut to ensure all buttons, ports, and the camera remain fully functional.

Can I remove the skin without damaging my phone?

Yes, GadgetShieldz skins are designed to be removed easily without leaving any residue or causing damage to your phone.

What if I have issues with my order?

For any order-related issues, contact GadgetShieldz customer support at for assistance.

What is included in the skin package?

The package typically includes the skin and a cleaning cloth for a smoother application.

Are there different textures available for the skins?

Yes, GadgetShieldz offers a variety of textures such as matte, carbon fiber, wood, leather, and more.

Can the skins be applied over existing scratches or scuffs on my phone?

Yes, GadgetShieldz skins can cover minor scratches and scuffs, giving your phone a fresh, new look.

Do the skins affect the phone’s signal reception?

No, GadgetShieldz skins are designed not to interfere with your phone’s signal reception.

How thick are the skins?

GadgetShieldz skins are very thin, usually around 0.2mm, ensuring they do not add bulk to your device.