Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a ‘Note-worthy’ phone that comes in minimal packaging without…you guessed it right…a charging brick. After all, Samsung has come a long way from giving free earphones and charging brick with phone and cable to giving just a charging wire and smartphone. And let’s not forget about Samsung’s biggest competitors.

But anyway, let’s get back to the phone, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Apart from all the jokes aside about how it looks like the first copy of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it is a top-notch phone with top Android specs. And a phone such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra requires accessories to pair with to get the best experience.

Us being India’s leading phone skins and screen guards brand, we sure are high on tech-world always!

So we decided to curate a list of some of the best must-have accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

The list is below as follows: –

Samsung 45W USB-C Charging Brick

Well…Goes without saying…It is the most essential must-have! Yes, we know 5000 mAh battery life is good, but even that also drains out at the end of the day, doesn’t it? Even if you have an old charger of 23W or 30 W charger, you won’t be able to make the best out of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It supports fast charging up to 45 W; why not get the best?

With a 45W Samsung charger, you can get a charge worth 50% in less than 20 minutes!

Gadgetshieldz Skins and Screen Protectors

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has got top-tier features, both internally and externally. As for internally, we’re all acquainted with the specs. For externals, too, we know that it’s got full body coverage of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. Corning claims it’s scratchproof, but in an interview, the CEO of Corning admitted that minor scratches from stuffing in keys with your phone will happen, and that’s absolutely true!

And this is where we, Gadgetshieldz, come in.

With our virtually invisible, self-healing screen guards and full-body protectors, your phone will be protected from your smudgy, dirty fingers.

If you need scratch resistance with a dash of quirk and colours, we’ve got Skinnova: A range of multi-textured mobile skins and device wraps. Not just scratch protection for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you’ll also get an option of picking your own style. Since it’s a Samsung Galaxy device, we’d recommend our article Aesthetize-101: Create an All-Rounder Protected Aesthete for your Samsung Galaxy Devices with One UI 4.0 and…Us!‘. We’ve written in detail about how you can create an aesthetic for your Samsung Galaxy devices with One UI 4.0 and with our skins!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Recommended by most of the tech gurus and, well, us too. And why not? It’s the first smartwatch that has Wear OS powered by Samsung. It enables seamless compatibility with your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to access many health, fitness and music apps. Talking about fitness, it can track 90+ workouts, and you can check your BIA measurement in just 15 seconds! Pair this with your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for a perfect fitness partner on the go!

Also, we have a collection of screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4! It ensures a scratch-free screen to get the best out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Music, OTT streaming and gaming are loved by people immensely throughout the world, especially among the youth population. Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra caters to all these needs in a blink. But who’s to say you can’t go beyond what you get from this phone?

We say you can, with Galaxy Buds 2. With ANC setting, you can leave behind all that noise around you for an undisturbed A/V and calling experience for 5 hours/20 hours with a case. Moreover, you get about six different equalizer settings for your choice of music ambience! Imagine combining this beauty with another beauty, i.e., your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra! Feels incredible, we know.

The Galaxy Buds 2’s design is swell, but if you want to add a little colour pop or some artsy feel, you can check out some device skins for your Galaxy Buds 2!

Samsung Trio Pad Wireless Charger

Imagine this: Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 4 and your Galaxy Buds 2; You come home from a long day of work, you see that battery is dead for all three devices, all at once, and you’ve got only one wired charger. You know you need to head out in the morning for a run the next day, and you don’t have the time to wait and charge these devices one by one. Feeling stuck, yeah?

Here’s a perfect all-rounder solution: Samsung Trio Pad Wireless Charger. You can fast charge three devices simultaneously, and not to forget, there’s a dedicated charging pad area only for Galaxy watches! Now you can rely on a single charger for charging your Galaxy devices all at a time.

Also, if you’re an iPhone 8 or higher user, this will work for you. However, there’s no fast charging for Apple devices, only around 7.5 W charging. Still, pretty convenient, right?

As we’ve finally reached the end of the article, we want to address the possible elephant in the room: No, we’re not sponsored by Samsung. Anyway, we put quite an amount of time into research and curated a listicle for you all to read! Now, you can sponsor us by heading over to and trust us, you’ll thank us later.