Tempered Glass vs Screen Guard: Here’s What You Need to Know

GadgetShieldz Admin

Generally, there’s a lot of banter around the specifications of a smartphone, but people are dismissive about screen guard and tempered glass. Many people have misconceptions about how tempered glass and screen guards function and how they’re not relevant to phone specifications. But it’s not true at all! Your display plays a significant role in how your phone functions, and in most cases, you would not know about your phone’s issues without your display screen.

And as a brand that deals with screen guards and invisible full-body device protectors, we have things to say about both of these products. But before we get into whether tempered glass or screen guard/screen protector is better, let’s just first learn their basic definitions.

A screen guard or a screen protector is an invisible, adhesive protective film that protects your phone screen from scratches and scuffs and provides weightless screen-surface protection. It’s generally made of plastic.

Tempered glass is also invisible, adhesive and protective in nature. However, it’s made of glass, and the level of protection depends on the thickness of the glass. It’s not focused on protection from scratches; the main focus is on screens to avoid prominent cracks.

We know what you think after just reading the two paragraphs above this paragraph because it’s what everyone thinks in general: ”Tempered glass is better any day. It’s more durable and useful.”

But is it, though?

We understand why anyone would have that conception in mind, but let us tell you what you need to know.

Most smartphones these days have at least Corning Gorilla Glass V5 that can survive a few accidental drops without any layer of protection. So, when you apply tempered glass to it, it increases the capacity of the screen’s protection from cracks by a bit. However, it’s not very helpful because, even if it protects your screen, tempered glass cracks quickly and is a big-time scratches and fingerprints magnet. The whole purpose of availing of a scratch-free, crack-free screen is henceforth entirely defeated.

A screen guard or a screen protector is much less dense than tempered glass but is definitely more functional for scratch protection. Since the screen guard is a plastic coating, it’s definitely not brittle. Moreover, a screen guard provides scratch and fingerprint protection and extra support for Corning Gorilla Glass’ ability to survive short-height, accidental drops.

This comparison doesn’t say that tempered glass is not good or screen protector is the best. However, there are some unwritten facts about how OEMs work in context to screen glass and screen protection. Even though Corning is improving in terms of scratch protection, it’s not as prominent as expected because its main forte is to provide drop protection. It’s not simple to have scratch and drop safety at once.

A tempered glass just tends to add to the longevity of the said drop protection. But tempered glass cracks up very quickly, and since it’s got a little weight, every time it drops, it impacts the glass screen. Eventually, the glass screen also cracks. Moreover, tempered glass also starts to chip away very soon.

A screen guard or a screen protector is the best companion for Corning glass in every smartphone because Corning’s expertise lies in drop protection; a screen guard can take care of scratches and minor drops. Both combined will lead to a healthier outlook on your smartphone. You can save on buying another phone for a long time because most of the time, people change phones based on how they look from the outside.

Also, these days screen protectors come up in different forms. Like us, we sell liquid nano-polymer screen protectors and invisible full-body protectors that are virtually invisible, so nobody ever notices that you got yourself a nice layering of scratch protection. Bonus? These are also self-healing! So you never have to worry about even if there’s a scratch or fingerprint because it will heal on its own!

Now that we have enlightened you, we recommend you try out our screen guard and full-body device protectors and never worry about scratches again!