Expected Phone Launches in June & July

GadgetShieldz Admin

Five months of this year passed by in the blink of an eye, and we’ve seen way too many smartphones and other device launches. Moreover, what’s most innovative about this year’s smartphones is that they all have decent specifications and performance stats for their price.

Being India’s leading mobile skins and screen guards brand, we’re surrounded by new devices and smartphones. Our expertise lies in building scratch-proof accessories like mobile skins and screen guards; other than that, we’re all big-time tech enthusiasts.

Before and after applying our mobile skins and screen guards on these devices, we use each and every smartphone during our free time until another device comes up. So yes, you can take it from us when we say how these phones are.

What’s great about the ongoing month and the next month is that many brands are planning to bring devices launched previously in other countries to India and also the devices that are yet to be released or out for sales. Most of these phones are presumably mid-range flagships/flagship killers, implying higher demand expectations.

If you look at the list of potential smartphones that might be launched or released in India, the list will probably be too long. So we handpicked five smartphones to be listed here that have more chances to have higher demand in the market.

Poco F4 5G

Poco India finally announced the global release of their next phone in the F series; Poco F4 5G. Rootmygalaxy.net published unofficial pictures of the Poco F4 5G on their site right after the announcement. If you look closely at the pictures, Redmi K40s may be rebranded as Poco F4 5G phone.

Redmi K40s was only launched in China for a starting price of 1799 yuan (approx. ₹20,950), implying further that Poco F4 5G will be released for a similar price in India. If we talk about the specs, we are unsure if it will be exactly the same as Redmi K40s, but it could possibly have all the specs Redmi K40s has. It has been reviewed positively by many tech YouTubers globally.

It may be launched later this month or during the next month.

OnePlus Nord 2T

OnePlus Nord 2T made a global debut on the 19th of May this year, but it was only launched in Europe. According to the specs mentioned on the OnePlus UK site, it’s a slightly tweaked version of the OnePlus Nord 2.

The feature that people have missed the most from the past few phones by OnePlus, Alert Slider, is finally back in OnePlus Nord 2T! Moreover, the specs of the phone are pretty decent for the price. You can check the specs here.

OnePlus Nord 2T costs £369 (approx. ₹36,000) in the UK, which means it’ll cost a little lower than the price mentioned, but at least ₹25,000.

There’s a good chance of the OnePlus Nord 2T coming to India by this month-end or mid-July.

Google Pixel 6a

Google has not launched a phone in India since the Google Pixel 4a launch in 2020. After every launch of a Google Pixel phone since then, you’ve had to get them imported from other countries and pay a hefty international shipping fee. But for Pixel 6a, you might not have to do that anymore. Based on various reliable news sources and tech networks, Google Pixel 6a is most likely to be launched in India within June or July, but it’s not yet confirmed.

If you are wondering, the Google Pixel 6a is not a flagship phone. But what makes it so impressive is that it is part of the Google Pixel 6 phone series, which is by far the best phone series by Google. The best spec this phone has is a Tensor chip like the other two phones in the series and comes with five years of security updates.

In US and UK, the starting pricing is set to $449 (approx. ₹35,000) and £399 (approx. ₹39,000), respectively. So, whenever it launches in India, it’ll be somewhere ranging between ₹30,000-₹40,000.

Poco F4 GT Edition

Launched in China as Redmi K50 Gaming Edition earlier this year, the Poco F4 GT made its debut in April but not in many countries, including India.

It’s one of the most anticipated phones in India as it’s got the most power-packed mobile platform so far; Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Moreover, it has a whole package of standard Android Flagships specs like Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, 120 Hz refresh rate and 2k display.

It’s priced at £699 (approx. ₹68,000) on the UK Xiaomi website for 12 GB RAM +256 GB ROM as it’s the only model available in the UK.

It’s expected to launch in India for a starting price of ₹40,000 minimum during this month-end or next month.

Realme GT NEO 3T

Realme GT NEO 3T made its global debut a few days ago on the 7th of June, but not in India. It was first launched in China as Realme Q5 Pro, rebranded as Realme GT NEO 3T and made a global debut in Europe and UK.

It’s a slightly watered-down version of a Realme GT NEO 3 Edition with great specs. Unlike its predecessor, Realme GT NEO 3, it does not have many RAM and charger variants. Moreover, the mobile platform is not that of Mediatek Dimensity. However, it is a pretty decent, mid-range flagship phone.

The pricing varies in context to its availability in different countries. It’s available for starting prices of £369 (approx. ₹36,000) in the UK, 429.99€ (approx. ₹35,000) in Europe and ¥1799 (₹21,000) in China.

As you can observe, there is quite a difference between the pricing in the Europe-UK region and China. Hence, we can expect it to launch for a starting pricing between ₹25,000-₹30,000 in India.

It is expected to launch in India by this month’s end or by mid-July.

As we remain hopeful and excited about these phones being launched ASAP, we’ll provide screen guards, mobile skins and device wraps for these devices as soon as we get them so you can stay fearless about scratches and scuffs for your brand new phone(s)!