iPhone 14 Plus Screen Protector
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iPhone 14 Plus Screen Protector

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A circle with a plus sign in the center. This icon likely represents the self-healing feature of a screen and body protector film.

Self Healing

A circular icon with an arrow moving clockwise around it. Inside the circle is a simplified phone shape. This icon likely represents a 360-degree full-body screen and body protector film.

360° Degree

A black and white icon of a mobile phone with a screen protector and a body protector film that wraps around the curved edges of the device. This indicates the protector is designed for curved screen devices.

Applies on
Curved Screens

An icon of a mobile device with a screen protector and a body protector film. The icon highlights precise cutouts around the device's ports, ensuring compatibility with chargers, headphones, and other accessories.

Precise Port

A mobile phone with a screen protector and a body protector. The screen protector and body protector are advertised as being ultra clear and ultra thin.

Ultra Clear,
Ultra Thin

A close-up of a thin, military grade clear film screen and body protector for a mobile device

Military Grade

An icon of a hand holding This indicates the screen and body protector film has an enhanced tactile grip for better hold.

Tactile Grip

An icon of a mobile device with a barely-there screen protector and a clear body protector film. This signifies a virtually invisible screen and body protector film.


An icon with two rectangles, one shaded and one clear, positioned side-by-side above a mobile device outline. This signifies a choice between clear and matte finishes for a screen and body protector film.

Ultra clear &

An icon of a mobile device with a screen protector and a body protector film being peeled away from the device, leaving no residue behind.

Zero Residue

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world's most invisible protection

360° Degree Protection*

GadgetShieldz® Screen Protector is the best choice for maximum scratch protection for iPhone 14 Plus. The ultra-clear, ultra-thin FlexArmor screen protector applies on your screen, back, sides, top, bottom and camera lens providing 360 degree scratch protection.
*Only when both screen and body protectors are applied. Check product options above and respective images.

Military Grade

Our screen and body protectors harness the power of Military Grade film to shield your device like a fortress. Feel the strength of battle-tested technology defending against scratches and everyday hazards. FlexArmor contains military-grade TPU, which is more rigid and resilient in preventing your device from scratches.

Virtually Invisible

GadgetShieldz’s FlexArmor applies directly on your device without altering its original sleek look and feel in any way. Being just 0.2 mm thick (or thin should we say) it is virtually invisible after application providing optically clear protection to the entire device unmatched by other screen protectors, cases, covers or skins.

Self Healing

Witness the magic as tiny marks vanish before your eyes, leaving your device looking brand new. These are not ordinary iPhone 14 Plus scratch guard, FlexArmor has Nano polymers embedded in them using a proprietary technology that enables the film to self-heal itself from scratches and fingerprints.

Available in
Ultra Clear & Matte

Ultra Clear Screen Protectors provide full screen clarity and brightness, ideal for accurate viewing. Matte Screen Protectors reduce glare and smudges, suitable for bright environments and fingerprint-prone users, but may have a slight grainy effect on lighter backgrounds.

Applies On Curved Screens

Each Gadgetshieldz includes precision engineered films custom made to fit your iPhone 14 Plus keeping all ports and buttons totally accessible. Its unique ultra-flexible properties helps it to cover even the most complex curves and contours of your device which normal rigid screen guards cannot.

Precise Port Openings

The precise cut-outs for port openings in smartphones for screen protectors are so exact that they allow for a snug and secure fit for the screen protector. This ensures that the screen protector is not loose or wobbly, which can lead to air bubbles or even the screen protector coming off altogether.

Zero Residue

Welcome to a world of zero limits and zero residue! Our screen and body protectors leave behind no trace, giving your device a pristine, untouched feel. With our advanced formula, your device remains flawlessly clean, ready to shine at its best.

How To Apply?
Application instruction
how to apply mobile screen & body protectors

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Shrivats Sridharan
Good quality screen protector

The cut outs and dimensions were perfect.. Its like there is not screen protector at all.. And also protects from falls


This is my fourth purchase with gadget shieldz. samsung S9FE tab

Awesome product

The screen protector i ordered is of great quality . Must try once if it is your first time,you will not regret.

It's good as advertised

The film is kind of self healing. With the applicator provided it's easy to install. This is my second purchase with gadget shieldz. Previous one was for galaxy s21 fe and still it's good. If you want to preserve phone from scratches in a better way, this product is a definite go.

Awesome product

The screen protector is really nice and crystal clear. Even though I failed to put if right at the first time, I finally applied it really well. Also buy the product with the installation kit which will make everything easy.

Sumit Kumar
The very best protection

These are strong, clear protection films. The best part about them is that they can be easily applied without any hassle. Do not worry if you see any bubbles initially. They would somehow magically disappear automatically, Highly satisfied with the protectio.

Good product

Excellent screen guard, it's invisible.

Akhtar Khan
Very good skin with scrach protection

This is Very good skin those who don't want to use back case it protects from day to day scratches and fit perfectly front back and all sides of the Phone I love the product

Ampa Roy
Nice protector for Ipad screen

The protector is very good, it does not give any problem while using the apple pencil, it also fits perfectly.

It Feels great!!

The feel of the phone with the skin is just too good. I got the matte and I love it!
No finger prints, easy to clean and the best part was how easy it was to apply it. Application of the skin was very satisfactory. Watched the video on YouTube by Gadget shieldz on how to apply and it's soo simple.
Thank you Gadget Shieldz